About ETA

ETA Tool Arms are among the most ridged and smoothest operating arms in their weight and torque class. Yet we are one of the lowest priced torque reaction arm lines on the market. For example; our basic model PA506 for in-line air tools has a suggested list price of just $590.00 complete* (FOB Pennsylvania). We also offer a very affordable tap arm for secondary tapping operations or to lower the burden rate of your expensive machine tools by removing the tapping operation from those machine tools. How did all this quality and value happen? Well…to put it simply…. we designed the business that way.

From our humble beginning just a few years ago, our plan was to offer a few well designed and well built models of assembly arms and tap arms to cover the bulk of customer’s needs for fastening, drilling or tapping operations. We set out to keep our product line simple, overhead low, our quality high………. and to machine the parts and assemble all of these tool support arms right here in the USA.

We spent the first two years of business carefully designing, lab testing and then field testing our designs to make sure they were the best that they could be and that we offered the ultimate value in both a light and medium duty assembly tool arm.

Being the new manufacturers on the block, yet having sold and used various competitors’ workstation arms and the fastening and tapping tools that go on them for several decades, enabled us to look at what was out there, see where others fell short, and perfect the workstation arm concept and then manufacture it for the right price. We think we succeeded in that quest….but ultimately…. you are the judge. Let us know what you think. The best compliment that you can pay our tool arm is that it does its job without being noticed. Effortless ergonomics, that’s our goal.

We offer a few other advantages too. When you get our screwdriver support arm or tapping arm out of the shipping box, the only thing you have to do is mount the base securely and then thread the rear post nut onto the base pipe and add your assembly tool and you’re ready to use it…no fooling with a bag of bearings, fittings or nuts & bolts like some other torque arms. Of course you have to plug your air line in and adjust the regulator knob so that your tool floats effortlessly on the arm…that’s all there is to it. Your Ergonomic Tool Arm comes completely assembled, tested and ready to get to work.

Another distinct advantage of the Ergonomic Tool Arms’ design is the mounting post being made of standard 1¼” NPT iron pipe which gives our tool arm a very ridged base, eliminating the wiggling and flexing you get with some of the other light duty arms on the market. You can use longer straight pipes or elbows or tees from your local hardware store or home center to adapt the arm to your work area. Use whatever it takes to mount the base in a convenient spot and still afford the operator the best ergonomics possible. A safe ergonomic environment translates into productivity and profits. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

*All sales through ETA Industrial Distributors only. Contact us for information on your nearest distributor.